Прощай, Андрей экс-Сектор Газа

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Автор: экс-Сектор Газа

Название песни: Прощай, Андрей

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Текст песни:

I tell ya a story
About a soul of a girl
A soul which is lost
A soul which is damned
But there is one hope
One shining light in the darkness
In the darkness
A vision so old - so vivid
I´m looking for the past but your eyes ain´t in it
But the vision is lost
And we´re damned
Another memory that I can´t stand

I never found her eyes
But today I will...

I'm just standing in the darkness
And I see u die... And I see u die
Hope I don't miss u
I want to save your live - save your life

I'm going to search
Led by her black hair
Furthermore by the sweet smell
I taste on the leaves
Sniffing on the track
Like a blood hound
Licking da ground
I get ill - feel like disease

I still walk faster
I can taste you
I see the bright shine
Lips like red vine
Your whole pale skin like ivory
But now I regret the coming tragedy

The trace is leading me
Your aura´s feeding me
I see you struggle on your path of salvation
Huntin´ the rabbit in this secret location

Time is irrelevant
Can´t take you by the hand
I can smell your sweetest juice
Stop to hide you got nothing to lose

Прощай, Андрей экс-Сектор Газа

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