Kings Of Metal Manowar cover Van Canto

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Автор: Van Canto

Название песни: Kings Of Metal (Manowar cover)

Текст просмотрен: 407


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Текст песни:

Manowar manowar living on the road
When we're in town speakers explode
We don't attract wimps 'cause we're too loud
Just true metal people that's manowar's crowd

They wanna keep us down
But they can't last
When we get up we're gonna kick your ass
Gonna keep on burnin'
We always will
Other bands play manowar kill
Other bands play manowar kill

We like it hard, we like it fast
We got the biggest amps, man they blast
True metal people wanna rock not pose
Wearin' jeans and leather, not cracker jack clothes


We're the kings of metal comin' to town
When we light up, have the roof nailed down
Don't try to tell us that we're too loud
'cause there ain't no way that we'll ever turn down


Kings of metal! (kick your ass! )
Kick your ass! (manowar kill! )
We're coming to town! (kick your ass! )
Kings of metal! (manowar kill! )
Coming to town! (kick your ass! )
We're coming to town!

Kings Of Metal (Manowar cover) Van Canto

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