No Handscover Neon Hitch

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Автор: Neon Hitch

Название песни: No Hands(cover)

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Текст песни:

See the way I'm moving
Got you in a trance
DJ turn it up
Because it's my jam

Boy, I drop it to the floor
You love the way my booty go
And all you wanna do
Is sat back and watch me move
But I just don't do that

[Verse 1]
Look bruv, no hands
And no darling I don't dance
I'm [?] I'm [?]
I think I deserve a chance

I'm a bad motherfucker
Go 'n ask them motherfuckers
Where those hands are motherfuckers
Bring that wood, and I'm like "nah ah"

Who you with, what's your name?
Music loud, tell you again
LDN, I rap all day
I mop those regs with all that haze

Don't blow my heart
Let me shine, wait
Let-let me take my time

Watch your mind
Watch your league
I don't sweat bitches
Cause they sweat me
I like hot tracks
Let me do my thing

I'm almost done
Let me get back to it
So don't tell me
What you think I should do
I just do what I want to
I do me, and you just do you

No Hands(cover) Neon Hitch

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