Russian Paradise feat АК-47 Наггано _

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Автор: Наггано _

Название песни: Russian Paradise feat АК-47

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Текст песни:

Eyes, eyes...
Just look in my eyes
Just look in my eyes and you'll see russian paradise [C'mon]
Just look in my eyes and you'll see russian paradise x4

Hello, my name is Vasya and I'm from Rostov on Don
And right now making rap on the microphone
I show you real hood, very very bad hood -
No shoes, no (ho) and bad food
But this is my roots, my truth,
Adidas boots and cap Chicago Bulls
Cops wanna catch me every day and every night,
But I am not afraid, that's my Parliament Light
Yesterday, I installed Skype on my comp
But they cut off the light in my home
But I'm not loosing hope, its better to live in this go
Than go away and sell a soul
Somebody shot some brave heart
Somebody little fish, somebody blood shark
Somebody meet somebody and kill somebody
Hands (zestoboti sno) have some money
My escalator is like Boing 747
I start in this round at eleven
The time is 11:45
This is my life, my mind and my (y)
Im driving from my piece of a buy
Hand move my money to Dubai or patai
This is russian ground, this is russian sky
Sorry mama, I'm a gangsta; very bad guy

Hook x4

Витя АК:
Hi I'am a Vitya, from EKB
City of Ekaterina, 200 87 E
I write my rap, only for you
Because you say: Man, this is true
Today I go our studio Gazgolder
And create on computer new folder
J push rec
I sing rap
Microphone check check
This is real ... ...
Mama i miss you, coming soon, I go home
I cry, when they see my photo album
I don't forget about, my bereza friend
Moscow is great, I create new rap
I don't have here girlfriend,
My last girl say: ... you man, ... your rap
Because I smoke everyday Marihuana
Marihuana, It's a number one
I play playstation on plasma in my flat
Tekken 6, Mortal Dombat vs. Universe
I play games with my friends,
Yes, I like to kill police on Vice City streets

Hook x4

Максим АК-47:
Dear uncle, I'm your nephew, son of your brother.
Grandson of your mother and your daughter's cousin
I'll say that you lives in the USA
Sorry for mistakes, google translate
Yesterday I open my bank account
Please send me dollars in any amount
Visa already in passport, I'm going fast
You and Aunt, will be my mother and father.
Long time ago, when I was a kid,
Bad guys teached me, how to smoke weed.
Now I have no bad habits, silent black rabbits,
I call it G-training, made me happy and friendly.
I have a dream, my dear uncle Vova
I will fly to you very soon, Ural to Iowa
A kiss to your children, my letter is over.
У тебя там Paradise, а тут хуево.

Russian Paradise feat АК-47 Наггано _

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