Paradise Ahead Мумий Тролль

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Автор: Мумий Тролль

Название песни: Paradise Ahead

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Текст песни:

Paradise Ahead

Sometimes life is a bit rough
Vodkas not cold enough
You can cry it away
See whose land is on fire?
Not yours not mine
Wanna play?
Hey la la la
What a tune
Sing along
God dammit
How do you like it?
What a planet!

Break a leg Sister
Mind the Gap
The next stop might be a trap
Paradise Ahead

Tickets all sold out
Bellies all worked out
Can you fake it?
See how far shall we go
Feel the heat
Melt the snow
I simply crave it
How we just lay on a laurels of our olympic summer
You gotta like it
This planet is fun yeah

Paradise Ahead Мумий Тролль

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