Hannah Montana [Twerk Remix] Migos

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Автор: Migos

Название песни: Hannah Montana [Twerk Remix]

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Текст песни:

Huh ?
What you say your name was ?
Migo Gang in the building man

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana
I like Miley in them tights
I like Hannah , Yeah she right
She been twerkin twerkin twerkin (twerkin)
All damn night

Hannah Montana she twerk on the top of my Phantom
(twerk twerk)
Got Hannah Montana she twerkin so much I can't handle her
(no way)
I'm eating her up like a cannibal
Still got your bitch she white
Hannah Montana in the Panamara
She a college girl but her wrist Katrina (katrina call FEMA)
In the kitchen and she baking like Anita
Hit the club Miley shaking like her booty had a seizure
I had to tap her on the shoulder
Hey its really nice to meet you
No Buffy the Body
She ain't got a lot of booty but she still go crazy (lil booty)
Got Lindsey Mcguire , Lindsay Lohan
And I can't forget about Katy
I went from trapping to capping babies
Til I met this girl name Macy
She popping and rolling , sweating out her weave
It look like she having a baby


Got your main bitch on the handle
She dropping and popping no castles
I'm smoking on gas like tobacco
I'm drinking on lean that taste like Snapple
In VIP rolling a cord
Passing out mollies to foreign's
They popping them like they some skittles
Two bitches with me , Malcolm in the middle
Hop off up in the new Bugatti , cameras flashing paparazzi
She popping the castle , Nazi
I'm twisting the rock like I'm Rocsi
She sweating like she ran a mile
She soak and wet she need a towel
She sucking her lip , Biting down
She moaning and making them sounds
She came while she sucking me now
I'm looking at her like damn
Hannah making them go bananas
She fucking and sucking on camera
Pop a Hannah , she got stamina
My jag still in panorama
I'm beating the pussy like Micheal
I call it dirty Diana


Hannah - Montana
Hannah Montana her anthem
Offset home from the slammers
She making it clap like a dancer
Hittin yo bitch with the hammer
Holding that pussy for ransom
She sucking me up like a vacuum
She popping the X no Malcolm
Marilyn Monroe , Marilyn Manson
Anna Nicole got Kim Kardashian
Mary Kate and I got Ashley
Yo bitch went missing , she absent
Foreign bad bitch with the accent
Dropping the top off the Aston
Fresh to death I need a casket
Versace Versace my fashion
No Lil Jon you ain't on my level
Snow bunny like I'm Hue Hefner
Running my sack up like fletcher
Yo niggas to slow , need to catch up
My wrist so sick , got a virus
Birds be singing like Maya
Stop drop and roll like a fire
Drop it low like Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana [Twerk Remix] Migos

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