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Автор: IAMX

Название песни: Volatile Times (Video Edit)

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Текст песни:

Look at me, what have I become?
I am lost, I was once; be gentle, man.
But the thief came out in my London town, so I must leave you now,
but I will remember the ups and the downs.

Goodbye my friends, goodbye to the money
Adieu to the fuckers that think that it’s funny
I just want to turn the lights on in these volatile times
I just want to turn the lights on in these volatile times

Look at me in the apocalypse, my European guilt expecting instant fix.
I imagine all the brutal services of ancient infidels,
of all the wounded and the crying witches.

I drove through countries like a marching funeral in the search of Fools and Utopias,
along the lonely roads with all the empty human souls,
filling their heavy hearts with slung religion and Coca-Cola.
Every book is read, I'm paralyzed. Every fist is clenched, but I'm so tired...

Volatile Times (Video Edit) IAMX

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