Twerk It Busta Rhymes feat. Tosh, Nicki Minaj

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Автор: Busta Rhymes feat. Tosh, Nicki Minaj

Название песни: Twerk It

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Текст песни:

[Busta Rhymes:]
Big man, when I talk, hear weh yuh fi do?
Shut your mouth, listen close,
weh we come fi do?
Shut it down, lick a shot, blow torch a bun
Enough excitement, see them frightened,
watch them boys run
Come here gal, when ya a do, hmmm whata gwan?
Dun wid dat, dutty wine, Tony Matterhorn?
Bass a lick yuh, make it clap,
go on go take it off
Set the trap, don’t fight you know your skin soft

Sitting on it, go on go f-ck it til yuh broke it out
So exotic, while you suck it watch we f-ck it up
So we have it, batty big watch how mi love it up
Bend ova and spread it and mek me stick in and bun it up

Twerk it (x18)

I seh mi finish wid yuh, pull up yuh pants,gwaan go get yah friend
Dance dun, come outside, f-ck inna di benz
Gyal come, enjoy di ride,watch di wey mi stick yuh
Welcome! (YUH DUN KNOW!!!)
Tek di dick yuh friend a wait fi yuh
Hold on deh, yuh man vex? Vegate di bwoy
Shoot what? See, my gun will evaporate dat boi
Leggo dat, see how it sound
Level dat, down to da ground,
Nuff a dat, yuh dun know, best a di best
Pretty gyal, whole heap a batty and a whole heap a breast
Physical, how yuh a drop it on no one could a test
Digital, we Instagram it’ til dem gal a rest

Twerk it (x18)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Dirty girl, when you see me and when you fittle
Ball on, bitchin’ on every to
Respect, all them gwans like on a piv wiv
We here, London, with a see a ..
Come here boy, ball cut show you rich
Where your wallet? yeah you have it where we at?
Cartel, animal bout to kill a tool
Roll the weed, bust a dutch ah riz-la-to
F-ck a …, flip lon on your head
Brooklyn, wen we shoot, neck ya
Trinidad, I’m the James man shot mode
Pussy world, kill a bitcha throw it up though

Twerk it (x18)

And mi seh walk like a champion, swing like a stallion
Wid di two big medallion, good, yuh perfect
Show dem di action, bad gyal concotion
Cool now, relax mon, eh em, yuh nervous
Skin out and dun di place, spin’ round and show yuh face
Open, and close yuh case, or chuck, and work it
Mi seh hold on deh tek time, gyal wine yuh waistline
Follow di bassline, right now, stir it
Round like, a bowl of soup, round like a hula hoop
Round like yuh butty cute and do it, on purpose
Wine like a yard woman, grind like yuh numba one
Jump up, and wave yuh hand mi tink, she know

Twerk it (x18)

Twerk It Busta Rhymes feat. Tosh, Nicki Minaj

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