очень красивая английская песнямедляк Briken

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Автор: Briken

Название песни: очень красивая английская песня(медляк)

Текст просмотрен: 767


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Текст песни:

Taking my pain
Taking my name
Taking it all back.
Cover my veins
Putting on chains
Not to let me go.

Now I refuse to understand
What we are living for.
Everything's sold...

Reading my thoughts
Killing my Gods
To control my life.
Breathing my air
Brushing my hair
Not to let me live.

Now I refuse to understand
Who we are living for.
Everything's sold, love's cheaper than gold
There's no place for us at all.

There will be somebody but me (x4)

Breaking the laws
Taking my clothes
To replace me then.
Taking my friends
Changing my plans
To make me lose myself.

Now I refuse to understand
Why we are still living here.
I'll roll the dise to get my prize
But heaven won't wait for us.

очень красивая английская песня(медляк) Briken

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