Space police acoustic Brandy Kills

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Автор: Brandy Kills

Название песни: Space police (acoustic)

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Текст песни:

angry hungry doll
and she falls into the black
trees are so tall
sugar and salt
ready for the attack

slender dogs are dead
what the hell,
I will never sleep
I am going mad
do you hear the bell
we will never keep the dream

I'm on my knees
My sexy death,
oh please,
Don't call
the space police

leaders gonna die
endless trip or suicide
do you want to fly,
in L.A. sky, my skinny bride

ministries of lie
government of children's cry
devil tells you why,
with the knot on the neck,
cross on his back
and god inside

it's the hope for your holes
no more control
no more roles

Space police (acoustic) Brandy Kills

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